Mission Statement

The Hoboken Fire Department is an organization that exists for the purpose of protecting the lives, homes and property of the citizens and visitors from the ravages of fire and other disasters.

Through continued training of personnel, public education & awareness programs and enforcement of state and local fire codes, this department strives to maintain the highest level of preparedness thus enabling the department to provide efficient, cost effective emergency services to the citizens of Hoboken.

We are committed to personal and professional development. We encourage training, education, and skill development on an ongoing basis. We are committed to a comprehensive safety program that recognizes the inherent hazards of our profession and to policies that encourage the mental and physical health of our work force.

We know that an active partnership with the community is vital to our success.

We encourage a commitment to Service. Our performance must ultimately be judged by the satisfaction of those we serve. We recognize a service responsibility to other divisions within our department, to other City departments, and to every element of our business and neighborhood community.

Hoboken Fire Department
ISO Class 1 Department

The Hoboken Fire Department is a progressive department, continually striving to provide the community with the highest level of life and property protection through new and creative initiatives.

Effective July 1, 1996, the Insurance Service Organization (ISO), a Commercial Fire Insurance Rating Agency, designated the Hoboken Fire Department as the 24th Class 1 Fire Department in the country. Hoboken Fire Department is the only Class 1 Department in New Jersey.

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