Should the need arise, the Hoboken Fire Department has at its disposal the following specialized equipment.

  1. Cardiac Defibrillator
    Used as part of the department's First Responder Program for medical emergencies.

  2. 5" Supply Hose
    Capable of supplying 2000 gallons of water per minute at the scene of a fire. This hose is carried on all city Engine Companies.

  3. Thermal Imaging Camera (T.I.C.)
    Device capable of locating hidden fire and heat in areas that may go undetected. Also able to detect body heat of a person trapped in a smoke filled room.

  4. Atmosphere Monitors
    Compact instrument useds to monitor combustible gases, carbon monoxide, oxygen and toxic gases in workplace atmospheres, especially in confined spaces such as manholes, storage tanks, tank cars, vaults, mines and sewers.

  5. Slice Pack
    A portable metal cutting device carried by both Hoboken Ladder Companies. These units are used to cut city security gates, locks, etc.

  6. MASK Mobil Air Supply Unit
    Capable of filling 2-4500 psi SCBA cylinders simultaneously at the scene of a disaster. Filling 60 bottles in all using a cascade system.

  7. Amkus Hydraulic Heavy Rescue Tools
    Including spreaders, cutters and ram use in vehicle extrication.

  8. Maxi -Force Inflatable Bags
    Used for lifting, raising and stabilization in heavy rescue situations.

  9. Water Rescue Equipment
    Used for rescue and recovery in a water environment. Equipment includes:
    • 1 Avon Rescue Boat
    • 1 125 HP Engine
    • 6 Life Vests
    • 6 Dry Suits

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  10. Commander Tyvek Level A Vapor Protective Suits
    Used for search and rescue operations and hazardous material incidents.

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